Protection or Care

The difference between hand protection and hand care

Hand care products can be divided into two main groups. These are hand protection care cream and regular hand care cream. Each of the two groups fulfils its specific tasks, but has one central thing in common, namely the care of the skin. The most common hand cream on the market is the regular hand care cream. From the consumer's point of view, this product is often mistakenly understood as the optimal hand cream. However, hand protection care in particular has certain advantages in everyday life without being inferior to regular hand care products in terms of results.

Hand protection and care creams

are characterised by the fact that they are quickly absorbed, do not become greasy again and at the same time optimally protect and care for the skin. The quick absorption and no creamy feeling on the skin are often mistakenly understood as the absence of a protective and caring effect. However, it is true that these creams in particular protect the skin from negative environmental influences such as wetness or cold. Normal skin is also optimally cared for without any disadvantage. Another decisive advantage compared to regular hand care creams is that the hands do not become greasy again and therefore everyday activities are not disturbed. The creams allow unrestricted handling of objects of daily use (e.g. clothing, computers, tools or smartphones and tablet PCs) shortly after application.

Hand care creams

are characterised by the fact that they have a particularly nourishing effect on the skin due to their richness. These are particularly recommended for stressed, rough and damaged hands that require intensive care. The decisive disadvantage, however, is that the hands often remain greasy for a very long time and the everyday use of objects is hindered. In addition, the skin is not optimally protected against negative environmental influences such as wetness or cold.

For normal, but also slightly stressed skin, hand care creams should be used as a daily supplement in addition to regular hand protection care, especially during the cold season.


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