LINDESA combines natural beeswax with the best German cosmetic quality. This is not the only reason why LINDESA has been the most popular bee cosmetic for over 40 years, but also because it optimally protects and cares the skin.

Our natural raw material and its effect

Our products are part of a long tradition of beeswax cosmetics, which has been used for over a thousand years as a successful means of protecting and caring for the skin. The positive properties of this natural raw material and the cosmetic quality of our products are known not only to many beekeepers, pharmacists and doctors, but also to our numerous customers for many years. They particularly appreciate the positive properties of LINDESA: the fast, non-greasy absorption into the skin as well as optimal protection and care resulting in healthy and supple skin.

Our origins and connection to beekeeping

Almost every beekeeper in Germany knows LINDESA and almost every beekeeper who markets his honey himself also sells our LINDESA products. As a result, our bee cosmetics have a large presence at weekly and Christmas markets as well as in specialist beekeeping shops. LINDESA has thus become synonymous with bee cosmetics. The product range includes hand creams, body lotions and lip balms. In addition to the outstanding protective and caring properties of beeswax, most LINDESA products impress with their rapid absorption into the skin and special care substances such as allantoin. Furthermore, all products are manufactured in Germany, meet the highest cosmetic quality standards and have been dermatologically tested with very good results.

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