Our satisfaction guarantee

Fair for the customer - gentle for the environment

We at LINDESA have the ambition to offer natural skin care that helps customers to improve their skin in a sustainable way, while being in harmony with nature and protecting the environment.

Whether a product helps to improve the skin condition can usually only be determined after a longer application (7-28 days). The distribution of very popular small sample tubes with 3 or 5 ml content often contradicts this, because the usual amount of the sample tube is only sufficient for a few applications. At best, this allows the user to determine whether he or she likes the smell, absorption behaviour and skin feel. Therefore, very often several small sample tubes are distributed, which unnecessarily pollutes the environment and is very expensive for the supplier. These costs for the production of the sample tubes are initially paid by the manufacturer, but in the end they are of course passed on to the customer. We want to keep our additional costs as low as possible and want this cost advantage to benefit our customers through lower product prices. In addition, we want to protect the environment as much as possible. That is why we have developed our satisfaction guarantee.

This is how our satisfaction guarantee works

This is how our satisfaction guarantee works You can buy our products risk-free and check whether your skin condition improves with long-term use. We are convinced of this based on our scientific research and proof of efficacy. Therefore, we offer you that you can return the product within 6 weeks after purchase.

For this purpose, please send the started tube (more than 50% content) together with the original receipt, the reason why you are not satisfied as well as your contact details and bank account to the following address:

Dr. Matzel Medical GmbH
Franzstraße 75
50935 Köln

After successful testing, we will refund the complete purchase price. For legal reasons, this guarantee is limited to one product per household.


It is important to us that you are satisfied with our products. We answer your enquiries about our products quickly, competently and personally.

We look forward to hearing from you!